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Plastic Surgery for the Body

Have fun getting dressed again.Click here for before and after photos of body contouring plastic surgery

Body contouring creates a slimmer, smoother appearance by improving the shape and tone of the underlying tissues. Age, genetics, weight fluctuation, and other factors can make localized fat deposits hard to eliminate with exercise and diet. We have a variety of methods available to rid even the most stubborn areas of fat and skin.

You want to love your form. We can help you get there. 

Here are some of the ways we can help you reach your goals. 

  • Liposuction by Dr McIver LeppardArm lift
    • Male Breast Reduction
      • reduces gynecomastia, which is enlarged breasts in men
    • Reduces excess or sagging tissue skin that hangs or looks too full under the arm
  • Breast augmentation
    • improves size, shape, volume, and balance of the breasts
  • Breast lift
    • raises the breast and reduces enlarged areola
  • Breast reduction
    • removes excess tissue to alleviate discomfort achieve better proportion
  • Buttock lift
    • increase the size and improves the shape of the behind
  • Liposuction
    • improves body contour and proportion, by removing excess deposits of fat
  • Male Breast Reduction
    • reduces gynecomastia, which is enlarged breasts in men
  • Mommy Makeover
    • combines procedures to target areas affected by pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding
  • Thigh lift
    • reduces excess skin and fat for sleeker contour of the lower body
  • Tummy tuck
    • flattens the tummy and restores weakened or separated muscles creating a firmer abdominal profile

Tell Dr. Leppard what you'd like to see look different and why, and he will custom tailor a treatment solution, with your input, to find the best path to your desired outcomes.  

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