Deeply Held Mission, Vision, and Values

Providence Surgical Associates built its practice on a foundation of deeply held values, as well as a plan to ensure that those values carry through with each patient experience. 

Mission Statement

Providence Surgical Associates will provide high quality, timely, evidence based treatment and experience for the Midlands. We will provide a full spectrum of services to meet diverse surgical needs within a single practice. We will embrace the unique needs of each patient and ensure our patients are treated with care, compassion and respect in a safe and comfortable environment.


Providence Surgical Associates aims to become the premier provider for surgical services in the Midlands area.

  1. Continuous Quality Improvement using national standards such as NSQIP to monitor surgical outcomes, processes and patient satisfaction.
  2. Multi-disciplinary team approach to provide excellence in care to disease processes.
  3. Provide our patients with a complete educational experience to ensure that each patient is fully informed, prepared and their expectations are understood and can be met.


We will build our team and patient relationships with integrity, caring, innovation, mutual respect and teamwork.

Staff Goals

  1. We will make Providence Surgical Associates the surgery practice of choice.
  2. We will be the office patients enjoy dealing with as we meet and exceed their expectations by assisting them in all aspects of their medical care.
  3. We will value our patients’ time with prompt consultations and surgery scheduling.
  4. We will promptly and thoroughly respond to patients questions.
  5. We will leave patients with a lasting positive impression.
  6. We will foster the development of excellence for each staff member.

Staff Values

  1. Patient satisfaction is our number one goal.
  2. Our office works together for the full benefit of each and every patient.
  3. Timeliness is of the utmost importance.
  4. Our office is a great place to work.