Ankle Brachial Index (ABI)

An Ankle Brachial Index also known as an ABI is a screening test to check the circulation in your legs. This may be ordered if there is leg pain with exercise, numbness, skin discoloration or leg pain at rest.

This non-invasive test does not use needles, drugs or dyes. The test will be performed by a highly skilled ultrasound technologist. Blood pressures are taken in the arms and ankles. The pressures are compared and calculations performed to estimate the severity of disease, if any.

You may be asked to exercise by performing heel raises, if you are able. Blood pressures are repeated after the exercise and compared to the resting pressures. Your doctor may order additional testing if this test is abnormal.

Patient Instructions:

1. Allow 45 minutes.

2. Take all of your regular medications, unless otherwise instructed by your physician.

3. Your physician will be notified of the results.

If you have additional questions about the procedure or instructions, contact your cardiologist.