Plastic + Reconstructive Surgery

"If I had known in advance that this procedure would go so smoothly, I would have had it done years ago. I would trust Dr. Leppard to treat any condition and perform any procedure within his area of expertise and qualification. He is a class act." - J. Chandler, Columbia, SC

Plastic surgery is a personal decision. You want to work with a doctor who makes you feel comfortable enough to ask any question, who keeps you informed of your options and the entire process, and who guides you through a safe and soothed recovery process.

You also want the results you receive to be the results you desire and the results you expect.

We're proud to offer the services of Dr. W. McIver Leppard, respected throughout the community as a top-tier surgeon and individual.  Dr. Leppard provides complete care, from the initial consultation through full recovery. His blend of Southern approach-ability and vast knowledge of his industry's possibilities make him a favorite among clients. 

---"Dr. Leppard is an outstanding doctor. I had a bad accident and he helped me immensely." -J. Ashe, Columbia, SC

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Treatments for the Face 

Cosmetic Facial procedures by Dr. McIver Leppard at Providence Surgical Associates


Treatments for the Body

liposuction body contouring by Dr. McIver Leppard at Providence Surgical Associates


Cancer-related Treatments 

Breast Reconstructing by Dr. McIver Leppard at Providence Surgical Associates


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